More About Me

Educated and ready to guide you.

Brian Kelly is a real estate specialist that is educated and ready to guide you through your next real estate transaction. Whether you are looking to buy your next home, sell a property or looking to build wealth through real estate Brian Kelly is ready to help.

Hi, Brian here...

When working with buyers I like them to be in the driver’s seat while I am beside them helping them navigate and providing advice as needed. As a buyer’s agent it is important for me to be coachable and well as to be a good coach. My job is to listen and take direction from my buyers and then help them make good sound decisions.

Each home buyer is different in the level of expertise, some have purchased several homes before and are very familiar with the processes, some buyers are less confident and will lean on me more. My job is to provide as much education and guidance as needed. No two buyers are alike so it is not as much about the process as it is about the people.

My website is specifically designed for home buyers. I set up all my buyers on this site so they can receive new listings that fit their specific criteria as well as have a direct line of communication to me.

My name is Brian Kelly and I serve home buyers in York and Adams County – please let me know how I can help YOU.